iMac 5K : Bootcamp, a year later…


After over a year of use, it’s now safe to say that no other vendors were able to equal this machine.  What it means is that this great piece of hardware won’t be sold for less anytime soon.  Same on finding a good deal on a used one.

The reason is simple; you won’t find a 5k monitor on the market.  A 5K is smoother than 4K, no questions.  You just have to run another 4K monitor aside the iMac 5K as I do and you will understand.

Money-wise, a 4k monitor alone is still close to $700 and a computer with equal components is at least another $1500 and depending on the extras you went with, it can easily go to $2000.  Thinking about it, Apple is making Mac fans a good deal. It’s slick and easy to move from one location to another.

The only problem that I’ve seen was the lack of Windows drivers for Bootcamp support.  It took months for Apple to release Bootcamp version 6 and still the graphic drivers are a problem.  There is, however, a tweak that exists that will bypass the update error from AMD graphic card control panel and let you install their latest version of their driver, giving you the ability to play the latest games at ULTRA settings for some games or remove glitches in some others.  A game like GTA V now runs at max settings at 1080p at 60FPS.   A new game like Rainbow Six runs fine.

Plus, Microsoft now support, with Windows 10, 5k resolution natively.  Windows look amazing.  Don’t think  you’ll be able to play in 4K your latest games.  1440p at medium or high settings is probably the best you will get for a solid 60fps.

This guy here repack the latest drivers.  He did a really good job and save the day for lost of Mac gamers.   Best of both worlds.

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