4K Gaming computer build at 100FPS (2x NVIDIA 1080 SLI)…

Have you ever dream of gaming at 4K resolution at 100 frames per second or at least a solid 60FPS at Ultra settings and everything maxed out?  Well, today you will learn(or see), how to build, one of the most powerful gaming computer to date and achieve hundred frames per second for most games at 4K resolution.

According to 3DMark’s benchmark, this computer, will be faster than 98 percent of other gamers and, without any overcloking.

Beginners or not, watch this out.

To begin with you will need a motherboard and we choose the Z 170-A by ASUS, because it’s affordable,  well rated by gamers and is SLI ready.

For the CPU, we went with the Intel I7 6770K version.  And let me explain the K.  The K means unlocked.  It means that you can overclock as oppose to the non-k version.  And right out of box, it’s clocked at 4ghz as opposed to the non-K which is 3.4ghz.

Since we went on with an unlocked CPU, we had to buy a fan with the heat-sink and we choose the Hyper 212 EVO by Cooler Master.

For gaming, 16Gb of RAM is pretty standard.  We put Corsair Vengeance DDR4 clocked at 3200mhz.  This RAM is made for overlooking.

For storage, we recommend a SSD as the speed has nothing to compare with the old hard drives and Samsung won’t disappoint you with the 850 EVO 500GB.  After installing few games, we saw the space almost filled up by first the OS and its updates and all the games their patches/updates. We added a 1TB SSD.

To run two graphic cards, you will need power, lots of power. We went with the EGVA 1000P2.  A 1000 watts power supply with every single cable that you’ll need.  It’s massive and has a quiet fan.  It’s quality build!

The “pièce de résistance”; the graphic cards, 2x  NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 by ASUS.

For the graphic cards to talk together, we need a SLI bridge and we went with the ASUS ROG Enthusiast 2 way LED. We are aware that HB bridge exist, but they can’t be found anywhere and we haven’t seen any problems with this one.

For the case we went with the Define S Fractal.  For the cable management, it’s very impressive.  There is space to work and air to flow and on top of it it’s affordable.

How the computer performed :

Very well and 4K gaming is very impressive.  You don’t want to go back to 1080p, even if it’s for 144hz.  No way.  It’s so crisp, sharp and immersive that you will want to buy new games or reinstall your old ones to see how it looks.

We tested games like GTA V, Shadow or Murder and few others using DirectX 12 like Killer Instinct and Rise of the Tomb Raider and it’s just amazing.  The cards temperature never exceeded the 60 degrees bar at any games and emulators at full speed almost an entire day.  ASUS is doing an amazing just with it’s 3 fans cooling system.  What is means is that you have lot of room for overcloking.  CPU wise, we were between 29 and 45 degrees, which means this heat-sink from CoolerMaster is doing a great job and again, lots of room for overcloking.   The question is, do we want to overclock? We really don’t see the need in the short terms.  Maybe to gain some FPS with some emulators.

Talking about emulators, Mario in 4K is something.  We tested the emulator “Dolphin” with Super Mario Mario Wii (which we own on CD) and again you won’t have any problem using VSYNC and get a 60FPS all maxed out.  The color pops and it’s sharp.

Where this machine belong compare to home consoles.  Well, it’s simple if we use Teraflops as the value to calculate computer power :

The PS4  : 1.84 TF

XBOX One : 1.23TF

This PC build : 18 TF and we don’t calculate now how DIRECTX12 will take good care of the CPU cores to achieve greater graphics.

You probably heard that the PS4 pro is coming soon and it’s packed with 4.2TF.  Sony is saying they will achieve games in 4K.  We say yes, BUT at minimum settings where they probably want 1440p instead at maxed out settings, not 4K with not so good graphics.   The upcoming Xbox “Scorpio” should be packed with 6TF.  What is means, it that it will certainly be able to run games at 4K, but at 30FPS with decent graphics.  This is the main problem.  If you can’t get 60FPS, there is no point to release games in 4K.  We think the consumer are ready for 4K with now affordable TVs on the market, but we also think that instead of a console at 400$ at 4.2TF, it should be a console at 999$ with 10TF at least.  People pay for a smartphone 999$.  No reason for a version of Sony or Microsoft’s console to have two versions, one at 400$ and one at 999$ with what people wants.

Right now, we will buy games for PC if we can.

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