Headphone jack 3.5mm disappearance – iPhone 7 and more to follow

3.5MMThere are rumours that Apple will kill the headphone jack on their next iPhone 7.  Let me tell you right away : it’s the best move for Apple.

Headphone jack gets loose with time, water, dust and food get in and the cable needs replacement because it gets broken.   It cost users money and also cost money for Apple with Apple care.  The world is wireless.  The “millenniums” are probably probably saying WTF is going on, am I born in 1985?

For more than 15 years, we have been surrounded with wireless innovations, like gaming console controllers (PS3 or XBOX 360), our TV remotes, our phones and our Internet(you get it?).  But there is a resistance to bring the sound to your ears wirelessly?  This is completely insane you’ll say and you are right.  The problem is not standardization as we already have one call Bluetooth.  But money talks and this is why we are not seeing the end of this stupidity that is wired headphones.

The real problem is Microsoft and Sony not allowing us to pair our own Bluetooth headsets with the console directly.  This is the real problem!  They want to make money by selling you their own wireless headphones.  The result is that you consumed more than you should have been with multiple headsets.

But come on, Bluetooth is pretty standard now. It should be mandatory by now for console makers, when they release a new device, to make them compatible with current standards just as Europe obligation by having USB as the standard with a phone charging.  Remember the days when you had a different power supply voltage and different plug shape for every model of phones?  Well, this is the same.  At some point, standardization is necessary.

And don’t worry, Apple will $ell you adapters…

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