NHL 18
NHL 18

NHL 18 Review PS4 – Not buying it!

NHL 18

NHL 18 PS4

NHL 18 from EA Sports doesn’t deliver much from the previous NHL aside from adding new mode like “Threes” and we will be honest here; it is not a selling point!  What would have been a selling point?  A PC version and perhaps a Nintendo Switch version so I can play on the go anywhere.  Fireup LTE hotspot from my smartphone and boom play online during commute just like I did with the PSVITA.

The PS4 version doesn’t bring anything new and the XBOX One version is the same port.  EA is on the cruise control unfortunately.  This is my opinion and this is why I won’t buy this year copy unless it comes out at $29 for Black Friday or Boxing Day.  I would have buy the Season ’18 DLC pack for $19 to have the new team in just like I did with Killer Instinct on the XBOX One/PC, but to be honest it makes no sense that EA is charging $60($80 in Canada) for this little update.  You can save your money and skip this year’s version!

PC version would have been great so we can push the fluidity of the game to the limits with our own video cards (yes talking about some better teraflops in 4K then any consoles).   With a PC version, EA could have add a VR mode and be where the new hardcore gamers are; 3D/360/4K gaming.

A Nintendo Switch version would have been great as well.  In fact, I am not forecasting on buying any more sport games other than on the Nintendo Switch.  The reason is simple; portability and docking of the same console/game data is just amazing and playing anywhere I want; WOW!!  I love my Switch more than any consoles I owned.  The Switch has more horsepower that anyone can think and the controller feels as a normal PS4 or XBOX controller.

If you want to read reviews about the gameplay and other modes, IGN or Gamespot are doing just fine doing so.  I am more doing a critical review for this year version.   Wish EA didn’t have exclusive rights for NHL game.

One last thing; do you remember when 2K sports was also doing it’s version of hockey for consoles?  That was the days where every year you had a improved version; better gameplay, better graphics, better controls and lord, better commentators!!!

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