Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Review; why I changed my mind! It’s a great(hybrid) console!

Nintendo Switch

I like 4K.  I am a big fan of games with crispy and detailed graphics and for that reason, Nintendo had two strikes before I opened the box.  I was “hybrid” wrong. It’s a genius hybrid console. It’s great and you deserve one as well…if you already own a PS4 Pro or a 4K PC.  Why?  Because you can still play triple AAA titles with great details and like I said in a previous post, you can enjoy the world of Nintendo.  It has its pros and cons as any other consoles and here they are in our own words.

Concept :

The Nintendo Switch can be played as a portable console and when docked, as a normal home console.  In portable mode, in 720p on the 6.2 inches IPS panel, games (Zelda) look fantastic.   It’s like having a machine that is as or more powerful than an Xbox 360 or a PS3.  What is surreal is that you can carry on the big screen where you left by putting the tiny console in its dock.  Even if it’s not 4K, it’s just nice to be able to get it on the big screen and it’s not that bad actually.  The resolution for Zelda is increased from 720p to 900p (30fps and don’t forget it’s an open map) when docked and it looks again ok.  Who reading this article never dreamed of being able to plug its PS VITA, PSP or 3DS to the TV to play sometimes?  I always wanted this even if the graphic would not be that great on these consoles.  Now we have it and we should be thankful to Nintendo.


The reason(it’s a biggie) why this console will have a future is because of the controls.  You have all buttons that are necessary by third-party developers to release games that use the same buttons as other console.  Something that was missing on the 3DS and the PS VITA(that’s why remote play never been a success).  We were always missing the “L3 and R3 / or the thumbsticks click buttons to run or melee in Call of Duty. On top of that we were always missing L2 and R2 which are essential for shooters or sports games now (NHL / NFL).  This is the good part.  The bad part is the D-PAD.  Round buttons for left, right, down and up are not an option for fighting games and nobody plays fighting games with an analog joystick.  If you were thinking about Killer Instinct or Mortal Kombat on the go, I would say better get a PS VITA which has the best D-PAD ever for a portable console.  Other than that, the JoyCons are a great idea, but let’s be honest, we are too lazy to put them out and in all the time, so buying the Switch Pro controller is a must.

Switch Pro Controller:

The pro controller feels great. The gyroscope is precise and buttons don’t feel cheap.  The problem : it doesn’t have an audio 3.5mm port.  Why Nintendo???  The Switch can’t pair Bluetooth headset either.  Why Nintendo???.  How in the world we are supposed to play quietly on the big screen or talk to our online friends in multiplayers?  Nintendo has to release an update because it makes no sense for its online service survival.  What brings money every month/year for Sony and Microsoft are their online service.  Nintendo can’t go in that direction without the ability for users to audio chat.  When we play NHL or Call of Duty, we talk while we play.  How I do this when docked? At the end of the day, I am on my couch and the Switch is far from me.  What you were thinking Nintendo?  An update to pair Bluetooth headphones please?  Oh we can’t because JoyCons already using Bluetooth… They have to find a way.


The WiFi is just a piece of crap.  How in the world again Nintendo can expect us to pay for online service if we have latency issues.  I am a WiFi expert, working with top of the line WiFi products (Aruba, Fortinet(Meru), Cisco(Meraki)) and I have tested the Switch on most of them and I can tell you that the chip is crap.  The signal is weak when you are in an open space as close as 9 feet from the access point.  RSSI is about -60 in open space in the same room (12 x 12), which should be around -40.  When 20 feet away, it’s near losing signal between -70 to -80.  And the SnR show it’s fine from the access points. It’s not noises like Nintendo would like to pretend, it’s Nintendo not having enough power delivered to the antenna or the chip itself being crap(we know it’s that already).   2.4ghz or 5ghz is the same thing.  The WiFI is AC ready, but it’s useless.  You will never get nice results on a poor system like this.  Nintendo has to address this problem and replace console if they don’t want angry customers and bad reviews.  Nintendo played it safe releasing only games that are not online, but the gaming is all about online gaming now and shareholders are expecting revenues from the online service.


Well, nothing there yet. For the moment, you can download couple of indie games(if you sit close to your wireless access point because of poor wireless antenna in the Switch).  Online service should cost less than $30 when really operational. We are also missing tons of apps like Netflix, Hulu and a web browser (well unless you install DNswitch which is some sort of a hack). We’ll talk about this later.


Micro SD storage is a great solution.  Thumps up here.  The only problem at this point is that you can’t save your progress into the SD card on in the cloud.  Nintendo??? Come on? The Switch will probably have to be returned because of WiFi problems, I don’t want to start Zelda over.  What if I lose or break my Switch?  Being portable, there is now way more chances for us to break it or have it stolen than our PS4.  An update is required from Nintendo for this part so we can at least save in the Cloud.  Nintendo has to spend money on Network infrastructure so keep the pace.


Well, there is really just one game released yet in my mind if you want my advised and it’s Zelda.  The others I won’t recommend spending your money on.  Zelda is 10/10 everywhere and I can confirm it’s a great game.  It’s hard and frustating at some point.  You have to think hard to get things going, but this is what makes it a good game and wants to come back and play more.  It’s a lot of hours and fun.  The big question is: will third-party developers develops for the Switch?  I think they will if Nintendo fixes the poor WiFI and the wireless headphone pairing that is not available at the moment.  The Switch has everything starting with nice controls for a handheld console, for companies to want to build and sell games.  I would in a heartbeat choose and buy NHL, NFL or FIFA for the Switch instead of the PS4 just for the simple reason that I can bring the game anywhere with me and that I don’t care about the graphics for these types of games.  It’s perfect for travelling and the best toilet-friendly accessory.

Tablet / Web / Menus:

Talking about toilet-friendly accessories.  The iPad and any smartphones are probably the most popular so far.  The Switch has a touch screen.  That’s great, but why if you can’t use it as a tablet.  The Switch has everything that a tablet cannot do; play games with nice physical buttons.  Why Nintendo is not taking advantages on this?  Nintendo should have two modes when you boot, Android or Gaming. Two kernels where you choose to have everything that a tablet can give and one that play games.  Again, I don’t know who is the manager at Nintendo, but that would have been a seller’s point.  No, a competitor killer point.  Why buy a Samsung tablet after right?  Just buy a Switch.  Put this in an advertisement on TV and you just take a big chunk of the shares of Samsung and Apple.  Don’t talk to me about piracy reasons.  I don’t buy this part.  It’s a lack of vision.


The Switch itself has a decent price.  The problem is that you HAVE to buy accessories to complete the Switch as it would be for another console.  A pro controller, storage space because it’s only 32GB and at least one game.  I would also suggest a protective case.  You end up spending $600 in a flash. It’s pricy and not everyone can afford this.  But again, it’s less expensive than a tablet/iPhone and you should pay for a cheap phone when your contract expired and buy a Switch with it.  No reason to spend $1000 on a phone these days.  $100 with the Nokia phone with Microsoft Windows and you won’t miss your S7/iPhone 7.

Nintendo Switch verdict : It has the WINGS to fly

  • Reviewed on Grey Console and Pro Controller
  • Released by Nintendo
  • Price : $299
  • Release date: Marc 3rd, 2017

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