Raspberry Pi 3 is available : Wifi and Bluetooth

RaspberryPi3It’s finally here! The third version of the well-acclaimed credit card-size computer; the Raspberry Pi 3.  And yes, it’s still priced at $35.

Let’s review the specs right away.  We’ve asked for and they delivered; built-in Bluetooth (4.1) and WiFi (802.11n)!  Right off the bat, you are now saving a $20.  Plus, you are not taking two USB ports for these.  That’s a huge difference.

CPU-wise, the Raspberry 3 now comes in 64-bit version and a better processor which is supposed to be 10x faster than the original Raspberry Pi clocked at 1.2ghz, which means that newer apps will perform faster if they are well optimized with 64 bit.  With only one 1GBit of RAM, do we need a 64-bit?  That’s a good question and only time will tell.  A new version of Raspbian will be available in near future.  Meanwhile, all previous 32 bit projects done on older previous Raspberry should work.

It is now recommended powering the Raspberry Pi with a 2.5A for CPU apps and USB power hungry devices.

One question that comes to me multiple times today already is : does version 3 able to playback 4K videos using Kodi?  Here’s the fact; there is no HEVC H.265 decoder built-in.  Plus, the maximum resolution over HDMI 1.4 is locked at 30hz at 4K, which is enough thinking movies are filmed at 24fps(synced at 24hz would be )

We may have to wait for the fifth anniversary of the PI to see 4K on the big screen, but meanwhile, we have something nice to enjoy and promising from better emulators on Retropie to better remote control, thanks to the built-in WiFi.

Raspberry Pi 3It has the WINGS to fly

  • Price : $35
  • Bought from Element 14
  • Release date: February 29th, 2016

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