Star Wars Battlefront 4K

Star Wars Battlefront – 4K (2x GTX 1080) – Ultra Settings review

Star Wars Battlefront 4K

Star Wars Battlefront 4K

As part of our 4K reviews, with past and new games(or call it The Never Too Late Review category), this time it’s Star Wars Battlefront by EA.   This title was intended to play in 4K and you can feel how immersive it is.  The game plays flawlessly in 4K with a constant solid 60 frames per second with VSYNC enable.  Everything was maxed out, at ultra settings.  Check this out  :

Again, it’s possible if you want, to disable VSYNC and achieve without any overclocking 100 FPS or more.  Because it’s a shooter, it’s not too shuttering as other games at greater FPS on a 60hz monitor.  Again, it’s up to you while G-SYNC 120fps monitors are available.

The only problem I have with this game are the controls (sensitivity) even after customizing.  It seems that I looking the get the “Call of Duty” feeling when moving and I just can’t get this similarity and my brain is having a hard time adapting to the game-play.  Maybe you have a clue?

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