updatesystem Nintendo Switch
updatesystem Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo Switch Update (3.0.1)

Super Mario Odyssey Switch Firmware Update

There are some rumors of an exploit on the firmware 3.0­.0 and below that could potentially let you run homebrews (emulators/mini games) on the Nintendo Switch.  This vulnerability has been patched by Nintendo in version 3.0.1.   The current firmware version as of writing this article for the Nintendo Switch is 4.0.1.

Some folks on the Internet have been wondering if Mario Odyssey would come with one of these updates on the cart (physical copy).  The answer is yes and to play the new Super Mario Odyssey you will have to update your Nintendo Switch and the version would be 3.0.1.

We made a video of a Switch that we had that was on version 2.0.0 and when the firmware update is done via the cart, the firmware is now 3.0.1­.

If you want my advise, go buy a PlayStation Vita version 3.60 to play your emulators on the go and support Nintendo which has a really good start.  The oled screen is fantastic and it plays PSP, PS1, Nintendo, SNES, Genesis and way more.  You can find tons of information on how to make this work on www.wololo.net.

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