Nintendo Switch

Why Nintendo Switch will fail as home console ; performances

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

I am going to tell you right away why Nintendo switch will fail as a home console; lack of performances.  I can hear people saying : they have the best titles.  True! But they don’t have “you” and I am not saying they will fail at portability.

The “you” is simple to understand and divided in two age categories.  People that are born with a Nintendo(NES) and people that are born with a Xbox 360/PS3.

The 30-40 years old are born with Mario and Nintendo.  They loved this game when they were kids and they still do.  But the fact is that they also evolved like the new games and always expect more because this generation needs evolution and revolution to be satisfied.  They are the generation that replaces their dryer for a new one instead of having it repair because they get the latest and greatest version with new features.  The  other generation are the 15-30 and they are born with Xbox and Playstation.  They don’t want to go back to graphics that sucks and where you can see pixels.  They are the generation “king” with latest graphic cards for their PCs and the PS4 that they received from Santa-gramma for Christmas.  The equation is simple; they want sensation and Nintendo doesn’t talk to the 15 and up at all.  Master Chief in Halo is their Mario.  Marcus or Nathan Drake from Gear of War and Uncharted are their Sonic.  I mean iconic characters to them.  It’s sad to say if you are a 30+, but that’s the reality.

What Nintendo needs to do to talk to the 15 and up is simple : have third-party developers with popular game names(ex: Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Titanfall, Resident Evil, Doom and so on. How they will get third party devs?  High performances, normal controllers, online gaming and comprehensive naming.  Everything where the Wii U failed.

Did I buy a Wii U?  Hell yeah, I wanted to play the new Mario, but had to buy a PS4 and Xbox One to play popular titles in the end and ended up spending $1000 because third-party weren’t there  I can’t blame them.  But here’s another fact: people buy smartphones for $1000.  Why a console couldn’t have everything that we want and be at that price?  Think about it twice again; people want 4K, VR and a console that will last as long as Xbox 36o and PS3 did.  These are computers and at $300-$400 you get a pretty crappy one and as I’v learned : you get what you pay for. Let’s go back to Nintendo.

Nintendo needs a comparable machine to the Ps4 Pro and Xbox One Scorpio CPU, GPU and controller wise for devs to easily port from one console to the other.  Will this happen with the switch; NO.

If GPU can’t handle 4K at 60fps at medium settings, its a dead pit at the very beginning(remember the 15+). Will this happen with the switch; NO.

If controller doesn’t have a basic/normal 4 buttons(x,y,a,b), 2 joysticks stick, L and R buttons and d-pad in the box when you buy it, gamers won’t buy(remember the 30+).  Will this happen with the switch; NO.

If strong and rebranded online service is not implanted, the 15+ won’t follow.  It’s simple; people don’t get the bizarre names like “miiverse” that confuses people. They need a simple name like Nintendo Network. If you’re into international business, you know one thing; anything that your North American market doesn’t get, the rest won’t because they influence critics all over the world.  We know Nintendo has a strong marker in Japan, but Japan is not the rest of the world.  Nintendo Switch is a great choice for a console name.  We can only hope they get this right for the rest of the world with other services.  We don’t know what part yet.

We are pretty much at a point where we can tell Nintendo to survive that they will have to stop making consoles and start releasing on Pc, PS4 and Xbox One if they can’t get a powerful machine that out-perform competitors.

The idea of a hybrid portable/home console that you can have is great.  But if the dock can’t render ultra-high-definition graphics, it’s useless and it becomes a “3DS-like” machine and Nintendo with affect its own products and probably the one that does the best for now.  Nintendo beaten the Sony’s PS Vita.  They are good at portable consoles, but as a shareholder, I would probably move out of Nintendo and sell my shares because they will shoot themselves in the foot.  Because if the Switch sells, it will probably become popular because of its portability and eat the 3DS shares.

Nintendo would become the first portable console to offer triple A title at 720P (thanks to Nvidia Tegra).  But I have one question right now; was it the VR time?  Yes it is.

I think Nintendo could have become a major VR player with the titles they own.  The market is moving in that direction and I am not too sure if Nintendo will survive the Switch.

I will for sure buy the Switch for reviews and to play Mario.  But if I will get mad after a year like the Wii U because no one releases game for it is another story and we will have to wait 2017…

Oh and by the way, not the best release time of they year they could find.  Christmas lists start November 1st…

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