Xbox one new controller – Review

XboxOne-Wireless-ControllerIf you think you’ve seen deals on the Xbox One controller at the Black Friday and the Boxing Day, you are right and there is a simple reason; quietly, Microsoft released a newer version of its controller.

Some like the fact that they can charge and replace their AA batteries, but some likes just to plug their controllers like we do for PS4 and have the battery

This is exactly what we get with the new version of the controller.  Microsoft added a battery and let me tell you; it lasts way longer than the PS4 controller’s battery.  To give you an idea, in a month, it has been charged once and it still has juice.

If you are like me and have all the consoles(for reviews or other reasons), you don’t want to have to buy one headset per console. I hate that they all have different ways t0 connect and proprietary protocols of communication.  With the new Xbox One controller, the WiiU, PS4, PS Vita and 3DS now has something in common : the 1/8″ (3.5mm) connector.  If you bought the old version, you’ll have to buy another 30 dollars adapter to have the feature, which is silly.

Did you buy an old version at Black Friday thinking you were making a deal?  Probably.

New Xbox One controller’s verdict : It has the WINGS to fly

  • Reviewed on Xbox One
  • Released by Microsoft
  • Price : $64.99

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