Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch resolution? Do we care about the specs this time?

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

I don’t know if you watched or not the live conference on Youtube about the Nintendo Switch. I did and I did not heard anything about the specs.  But the question I asked myself after the event, did I care about the specs really?

The answer is yes and no.  I was waiting for a segment about how many teraflops the Switch has under the hood when in portable mode and when sitting on the dock.  Is it the same resolution? Is it the same frame per seconds?

The reality is that Nintendo played with our minds.  A bit of magic tricks to keep you concentrated on the gameplay instead of the specs and to be honest it worked.  The first games on launch day like “Arms”or  “Zelda” looked like a nice piece or work.  Even new Mario Odyssey(exploring cities) coming out for holidays is inviting.  It was really by the end of the presentation that I was asking myself when they will get to the specs(spoiler alert; they never did).

Nintendo has one message; the Switch is not a console(hum..), it’s a new entertainment unit!  Let see it as a new board game that you will want to own.  You own many at home perhaps.  Monopoly? Clue? Scrabble?  You see the point?  Yes; you will need to buy/keep your PS4, a powerful PC or an XBOX to get your AAA titles and the big resolution.  Nintendo doesn’t care about pixilation or having Call of Duty on their machine because it’s made to have fun with friends online or in the same room as it was with the Wii.  It’s not a PS4 competitor as we were expecting with the Wii U.   Apple has its followers and their fan base, and the same with Nintendo and they are focusing on them and getting new ones onboard.  They want you to buy a new product line with their titles and expensive accessories.  Did I say expensive?  I should have written super expensive.

Nintendo has announced a price point $299 USD for the console and this is reasonable.  But if you want for example an extra controller (pro or should we call it a normal controller) or extra “Joy-C0n”, you will have to pay big bucks.  Does this make sense?  Let me explain.

An iPhone cost $900.  It’s one unit and you can find cheap Android for free with a contract.  Think about it.

A Nintendo Switch + a PS4 will cost you $600 and you will be able to play every great title from Nintendo (where the resolution doesn’t matter) and every “Hollywood”/ big production titles (GTA, Doom…) on your PS4.

Want my advice?  Just cheap on your next phone and get a Nintendo Switch and a PS4 and stop complaining.  Anyways, no one likes to play game on phone because of the touch screen.  I was complaining about the resolution, but really what Nintendo presented changed my mind(they tricked me) and I am now okay with this because I just wanna have fun with friends just if I was buying a new “board game”.

Plus, on top of being great device for people that commute in big cities, it is also a “toilet-friendly” accessories 🙂

Here was the live conference (update : Nintendo deleted its own conference from Youtube…) :

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