Resident Evil 7
Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 in 4K Biohazard – Review and performances SLI

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7

Let’s be honest here from the start; the game is amazing!  It’s not the typical Resident Evil series that we’ve seen with all the zombies in the facilities and laboratories, but it feels refreshing and brought back the puzzles that we loved.  I am a big fan of Resident Evil Revelation 2 that brought back the feeling of Resident Evil 1  or Code Veronica with the modern look. I think Capcom needs to continue the Revelation series.

Resident Evil 7 has realistic scenes and you will feel sometimes that you are in a movie or even feel like you there.  Some scenes will scare the sh*t out of you.  No joke!  It’s so violent that I wonder how the programmers and designers could sleep at night after.  It’s another level of gore if you like horror movies.  If you like games with blood and psychopath killers; this your game.  The ambience is perfect, the story is over the top and the overall game-play is great.

The thing I don’t really like is the lake of options to see your characters.  The camera view is in the character’s body and you basically feel like if your head is in fact controller, more than if you are controlling a typical character.  The controls and movements are not the best I have seen in a game, but it’s ok.  Crouching with R3(the right thumb-stick click) feels strange, but you get use to it.  I won’t lie that Capcom produced the game to be the first real AAA title to be VR-ready.  The problem; it’s a PS4 VR exclusive only.  No support for PC(yet).  But do you really want to play this title with poor graphics(pixelated screen)?  No way.  I am sure it’s immersive, but as long as Oculus or the Rift is not 4K at least in front of my eyes, they will have a hard time selling their gears.  And sorry Sony, fewer chances I will recommend the PS4VR headsets with a lower resolution than the Samsung GearVR + S7.  It’s just a bad move from Sony.  Too early, in my opinion.  Let’s hope Microsoft learn from this and the Scorpio releases with a VR headset with 4K.

I am doing the review on PC as you can imagine as this is the version that will give you the best graphical experience using 2x ASUS 1080 GTX in SLI.  Let’s already complain about the support by NVIDIA and Capcom for SLI users; it sucks.  You can’t max out the graphics at this moment and obtain a solid 60fps.  SLI is not supported yet and you won’t be able to reach ultra settings (very high) unless you turn off “Bloom” or “Eclosion” and even there you will experience some drops.  I wish they could release SLI-ready drivers with a great-looking game that requires lots of GPU horsepower (that hardcore gamers have in their gaming rigs).  Come on guys!!!  You can see an example in the video above we created earlier on YouTube.  It slows down in 4K in some places.  For the benchmark, please come back when SLI is ready.

For every 4K fans; I suggest you play at 1440p until Capcom and NVIDIA release an update of the game and drivers that support SLI or optimize the performances.  Just like you, I can’t believe with the money we are spending in SLI  they can’t hire a programmer to get SLI support earlier.  But, that’s another topic.

The game comes with a deluxe version that offers different scenarios and has bonus episode.  I hate when games are released in multiple versions and never buy them, but I did with RE7 as we didn’t get a deluxe copy for review and wanted to play the extra because the experience is terrific.

RESIDENT EVIL 7 verdict : It has the WINGS to fly

  • Reviewed on PC (Steam)
  • Released by Capcom
  • Price : $59
  • Release date: January 24th, 2017

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